What if my tenant challenges their eviction at court?

Challenging evictions....

Evictions, once again are hitting the headlines as the Dale Farm scenario comes to a head with violent showdowns taking place between residents and the police in Essex.

This leads me to wonder what will be the next step for the travellers left to find pastures new? It recently came out in the press that more and more tenants who have been evicted from their homes are defending eviction cases at court and appealing judges’ decisions.

At Legal 4 Landlords, we‚Äôve seen lots of cases where the bad tenant wins their case because they know more about the law than the landlord does. One piece of advice to landlords is ‚Äď do your homework. And if not, give the experts a call. Tenants get evicted for reasons and the law mustn‚Äôt work in their favour just because you aren‚Äôt in the know. Eviction services can not only assist with the eviction of bad tenants but can help with the aftermath should your action be challenged.

As the number of tenants in arrears increases, the charity National Debtline has reported an 84 per cent rise in the number of tenants seeking advice on rent arrears.

If you have a tenant that falls behind on their rental payment, you must ensure you act quickly. A professional company will start a debt collection strategy in place. We find that in many cases, evictions can be avoided entirely.

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