Should bad tenants repair their damage?

Bad tenants come in all shapes and sizes. There are those struggling to make ends meet who fall into rental arrears time and time again and there are those who are quite different, who have no respect for your property and their rental ‘home’ and as well as not paying the rent, they completely trash the place.

Every situation is different but it’s always best to seek advice if you could have an eviction on the cards. One landlord in Darlington believes the matter of a destroyed property shouldn’t end in eviction and court cases, he believes the offender should be made to pay by repairing the ruined property he rented.

Lee Andrew Davis left his landlord with a £18,500 repair bill and his landlord believes he should be put straight to work restoring the property to its original state. For landlord Glenn Schofield, a lesson needs to be taught, and many would agree.

He said:

“I think he needs some pretty harsh punishment. It would be good to get him to clean up the house and sort out all the mess. It’s better than locking him up with some other criminals, make him do some proper hard graft.”

At Legal 4 Landlords we handle breach of tenancy agreement notices all the time. This is when most bad tenants realise how serious you are, and in most cases it’s the only jolt they need to cough up rent or rectify a trashed property.
If this isn’t enough we can help you issue court proceedings against your tenant, arrange the court date, arrange all your legal papers and go before the judge to obtain a possession order for regaining the property.

If you have an eviction case going to court, our best advice is to ensure the paperwork is completed correctly … by an expert.