Lessons from Rio

We’ve seen some marvellous sporting achievements at the Rio Olympics. We’ve seen scenes of joy and despair. Yes, we’ve seen the ugly face of cheating and corruption, but we’ve also seen the best of the human condition, and importantly, we’ve seen the power of determination.

No one who has stepped onto the podium has had an easy journey. Usain Bolt is a living legend, but despite the relaxed public image, his life is very disciplined. The Brownlee brothers haven’t achieved medals by good genes alone. In the driving wind and hail of February, when we’re cosied up in centrally heated offices, they’ll be grinding out the miles.  It’s 24-hour commitment, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, year after year. No wonder emotions spill over when it all pays off.

Goals matter

Our Olympic heroes start with goals. Theirs is a medal. Yours might be more modest. You might be targeting a certain turnover or an extra property to add to your portfolio. You might want to build the most respected lettings agency in the business and win your own gold award at an industry event. You’re in a different game, but you can use the same strategies to get where you want to go.  Have a clear goal, and if it’s huge and seems unachievable, remember the power of determination. Break your goal down. This year you might establish firm foundations for a new business. Next year, your goal might be to clear a start-up loan, the year after to double your turnover. Step by step, you’ll move in the direction of what seemed impossible.

Belief and motivation

You’ve got to believe in yourself. Think of things in your past that you’ve overcome. Find a role model, a business you admire, mentors and support groups. And find someone to prove wrong –  the teacher who told you you’d never amount to much or the competitor who’s being underhand. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and record your progress. Celebrate each little victory or milestone. Success, even in the smallest things, builds self-belief and without self-belief you’ll never reach your goal.

Examine everything

Team GB’s cycling success is reportedly based on a philosophy of adopting every tiny incremental gain.  It’s a technique that works perfectly in business too. A small saving on a tenant reference, won’t, in itself, lead you to the promised land, but it will get you moving in the right direction.

If things don’t work, don’t put up with them. Change them. Try a different approach, a different supplier, or a new software system.

Coping with setbacks

All of the athletes in Rio will have faced setbacks. A great many will have missed previous games because of injuries or illness, political issues or lack of funding. The thing is, they haven’t given up. Think of the team of refugees, without a flag but still filled with determination. You will have problems. You will have a tenant who defaults or a plumbing emergency when you’re out of the country. Plan and be prepared for setbacks, and they don’t need to derail progress. When you learn from them, they become just another step in your journey to success.

Surround yourself with a great team

There isn’t really such a thing as an individual event at the games. Yes, Max Whitlock took gold in the floor event, but alongside were teammates, coaches and physios. Further back, there are nutritionists, psychologists, administrators, drivers, Mums, Dads and dog sitters. A great team, working towards a common goal has an awesome power. When one member can’t help, another steps in. Talents and skills complement each other. Pick the right team to back you, and nothing’s impossible.

Go for gold

Why not? Take inspiration from those who have been brave enough, tough enough and dedicated enough to get there. And then map the journey to your own particular gold. And when you’re picking the team to back your endeavours, call us on 0333 577 9050.