Accept no nonsense! You’re not in business to be messed about. When a tenant falls into arrears, you need to take action.

We offer a FREE pre-court-action letter, sent directly to your problem tenants, outlining the situation and putting in black and white what the next steps will be if they don’t vacate your property. If you want, you can continue to chase the monies owed by problem tenants, but we know that a letter from LegalforLandlords has more clout. Our success rate is over 80 per cent. Impressed? Thought so. And even better, we don’t need you to do much to kick-start the process. All you need to do is send us the information below and send it back to

Name of Tenant:
Address relating to the arrears:
Current address of tenant:
Amount of debt:
Type of debt:
Preferred contact number for payment:

That’s it. That’s all we ask. We’ll forward the details to our litigation team and they’ll draft and serve the letters. It’s a great offer, so, sadly, we can’t keep it going forever and it will expire at the end of the month. Don’t hang about, click the link below to send us your email, and let’s see what we can do to make your day brighter!

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