Know your onions – tenant referencing without tears.

We’re all human. We put up with things because familiarity is comfortable. Even though somethings may not be working for us, we carry on using it. We tolerate the shortfalls and live with the frustration. We don’t grow, we don’t make progress.

Tenant referencing is a good example. There are vast differences between the best and the worst, but there’s still a tendency amongst lettings agents to stick with what they know. We accept that when you’re familiar with a system, it’s easy to use, but a lot of things that don’t serve our needs fall into that category.

Tenant referencing is essential and although it can’t ever predict the future, looking closely at the past can give you the reassurance you need when letting your property. Here at LegalforLandlords we understand that you need a service you can rely on so we have all of your bases covered within our Award Winning Tenant referencing, insurance and legal teams. From the offset we will be on hand to help and answer any questions you have. We have devised our tenant reference guide to give you a quick overview of Referencing and Insurance procedures. You lose nothing by exploring the possibility of using LegalforLandlords for your tenant referencing. You grow by putting a stop to the issues that hold you back.

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