How to earn respect in the lettings business


Cutting corners in property rental is a sure way to earn a bad reputation.
Respect starts with better choices. 

You want to be respected? Earn it.

Read our “issues to consider” list below to gain:

  • Respect from potential tenants
  • Respect from your landlords
  • Respect from the wider community, peers, industry

Issues to consider:

  • Professionalism – know your stuff and deliver on it
  • Customer service – Absolute priority that customer and potential customers have a great experience
  • A feedback mechanism – Trustpilot or similar to show open to review
  • Leadership –going above and beyond in what they do more services, more support
  • Engagement with the industry – tenants groups, housing topics
  • Trade body members and influencers
  • Up to date and high-quality presence online, social media and in your marketing
  • CSR, charitable initiatives
  • Careful choice of partners…only work with reputable trades, only decent landlords
  • Honest, straightforward and open communicators
  • Trained and committed team.

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