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85% of landlords don’t have rent protection insurance. Is this you?

As pandemic restrictions continue to ease and the end of furlough approaches, have you stopped to think about how this might impact your rental income, and what effect it might have on rent arrears?

The furlough scheme comes to an end this month, but revisions started in July. Employers are now being asked to contribute 10% towards the cost of furloughed employees’ wages. This could see a rise in job losses.

If your tenant loses their job and has no funds to pay the rent, where does that leave you? No rent, no income, no business.

How can you protect your rental income?

It’s simple. Buy Rent Protection Insurance online now. For a modest premium you’ll have guaranteed protection of your rental income, covering 12 monthly payments at 100%.

Our policies also cover your legal expenses associated with evicting the defaulting tenant up to £50,000.

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