Act Now or Lose Out. Your Call.

If you’re a landlord or agent with pending or new legal issues, being on the ball when dealing them is critical. The current crisis might have interrupted the normal flow of business, and we all know there’s going to be a backlog of cases in the courts, but there’s no excuse for sitting back. The British might be famed for their love of a queue, but in this case, waiting patiently is the worst possible strategy.

Don’t hold your hands up, blame Coronavirus and say there’s nothing to be done. There is. We’re ready and waiting with the effective legal support you need. Our team are urging you to act now, even if you’ve handled Step 1 of an eviction process yourself. For example:

  • If a Notice to Vacate period has expired, we’ll make sure the renewal application gets to the courts pronto.
  • If a Section 21 Notice exceeds its 6-month validity between May to July, it will need re-serving. We’ll help you sort that – and get all the protocols right.
  • Soon, Section 21 Notice periods could be extended to 6 months. We’ll tell you how to make that work for you.
  • If you’ve got an existing possession order, look sharp. Talk to us about ensuring the bailiffs are ready to act.

Our job is to put you back in control.

We’ll elbow your issue to the front of the queue, help you get it sorted and help you move on.

Your job is to make the call.

Do it now.

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