A message from Sim Sekhon

What a year it’s been, both personally and in business. Earlier this year, the family and I had a roller coaster of a ride with the birth of my daughter, and then more recently, the acquisition of Propoly. Moving house, getting married and all those big life events seem a doddle in reflection. With a baby girl in the mix now, everything has changed. That, combined with both LFL and Propoly – and the mission to make lettings better – is equally game-changing. But the drive is stronger than ever to make a positive change.

Skipping ahead to now, earlier in the month I popped on the “purple hat” for ARLA. Despite reduced turnout in numbers, engagement was really positive and it was a day of non-stop talking. It was great to speak to all exhibitors, delegates and have real conversations, face-to-face.

Tech will never truly replace humans; it just enables us all to work much smarter – not harder. Those tools are there every day for all to utilise, and there seems to be some sort of new life hack being created on a weekly basis. How can you adapt the best of both?

Many hope that 2022 will bring more optimism and positive sentiment will return, but this is mainly in your control.

I’d like to finish by saying thank you for all your support throughout 2021. It never goes unnoticed and it makes every day rewarding. Wishing you and yours all the very best for the festive season. Whatever type of celebration you’re planning, I hope you’ll find it’s everything you wish for.