Things That Go Bump In The Night

 A spooky Halloween tale from Legal 4 Landlords

HMO tenants in terror ordeal


In a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) in Gravesend, on a dark stormy Halloween evening, the residents gathered in the communal lounge drinking and discussing ghost stories… 

One young male tenant claimed that an old man who used to own the large house they lived in was buried a few months earlier in the graveyard down the street, he claimed that the old landlord had been buried alive and that if you listened carefully it was possible to hear him still scratching at the lid of his coffin, he also claimed that the old man was a notorious serial killer who was responsible for the disappearance of dozens of unsuspecting HMO tenants and his victims were still being discovered. 

The evening wore on and after several more drinks and a great deal of teasing, a young female tenant agreed to go down to the graveyard to find out if the stories about the old landlord were true. No-one else dared to accompany her, so she decided to go alone and she said she would drive a stake into the ground next to the grave to prove that she had in fact been there. 

The young woman put on her waterproof jacket, picked up a torch and took a large stake from off one of the tall shrubs in the back garden and set off into the night followed by laughs and jeers from the other HMO tenants. 

The following morning it became clear that their housemate had not returned, at first they thought that she was playing a joke back on them they dismissed it and carried on with their daily routines. At around 5pm when the young woman had still not returned they began to feel guilty for teasing her, the rest of the tenants decided to head down to the graveyard to see if their friend had really been there. 

As they neared the grave they were horrified to find their friend at the old landlord’s grave, she was lay face down at the graveside…dead! 

She had accidentally staked the bottom of her waterproof coat to the ground and when she tried to run from the grave, she couldn’t… she had died of fright! 

It may be Halloween but spooky goings on don’t just happen on a single night of the year and landlords are reminded to ensure that they have adequate landlord insurance on their rental properties  

  …and tenants are reminded to make sure they have proper life insurance. 

Don't get spooked by lack of insurance
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