Will more tenant evictions follow?

Is this just the start?

Well, they said they’d do it and they’re sticking to it. A council tenant has just been served with an eviction notice and it’s believed that they’re the first in the country.

Wandsworth council is applying for an eviction notice for a tenant and their son, after the son was charged in connection with the Clapham riots, earlier this month.

Although the final decision will be made by Judge, it shows that the government is taking a strong line and it’s likely that more evictions will follow.

David Cameron said: “Local authorities and landlords already have tough powers to evict the perpetrators from social housing.

“Some local authorities are already doing this. I want to see others follow their lead and we will consider whether these powers need to be strengthened further.”

Just as councils will not put up with tenants who don’t show respect, private landlords who have bad tenants that end up in arrears or damage their property can also take action. The first thing to make sure is that when you let your property, you get landlords insurance. Don’t be tempted to cut corners on this as a good policy could save you a fortune in the long term.

Unfortunately, many tenants know every trick in the book to avoid paying the rent and being evicted. You have to make sure you’re one step ahead. One of the biggest mistakes landlords make is trying to handle the situation themselves. In most cases, this is a false economy. Pay a professional to do the job properly and your case will be handled speedily and legally so you don’t end up in trouble.

There are lots of steps that can be taken if you have problem tenants. If tenants aren’t paying, you may need to get debt collection specialists or experts in evictions to make sure you get the money you’re entitled to.

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