We’re top of the league

There are other tenant referencing suppliers who use Trustpilot to collect feedback from their clients, but the figures show that no other business is coming close to the LegalforLandlord’s service. With a solid 5-star rating and well over 200 reviews, we’re sitting at top of the table.

The big names that aren’t up to scratch

Maybe you’ll know some of the other providers. They’re not small fry, but long-established businesses with a good profile and reputation. But, surely, customer feedback must be the best way to judge customer satisfaction, and it seems our performance is putting some of the others to shame.

We’re happy, but …

We’re delighted to be outperforming our competitors, but we’re not falling into the trap of being complacent. We don’t look at all our 5-star reviews and ignore the few that buck the trend.

It is great when one of our team is singled out for praise – we know that they’ve gone the extra mile – but we need to know when our customers are disappointed too. It doesn’t happen often, but we are human, and if we haven’t lived up to our high standards we want to explore the reasons and put things right.

Thank you

We’re always looking for ways to improve our offering, and the feedback we get from Trustpilot is invaluable.

We’d like to thank those who have left reviews. You are helping us to shape a business that really serves the needs of landlords, tenants and lettings agents.

We’ve got 5-stars, but as far as we’re concerned, you’re all stars. Thanks!

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