We’re splitting apart a great team to make it even greater.

And we know Tenants and Landlords are going to love it.

Insurance cover comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes because risks aren’t standard and we’ve all got different valuables we want to protect. That’s why the LegalforLandlords insurance team has always had a broad remit, covering everything from contents insurance for landlords and tenants, and rent and legal protection for landlords.

As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded the number of services we offer beyond insurance. So, rather than one team doing everything, we’ve decided to split the insurance team into two divisions. One will specialise in looking after Tenants whilst the other will make Landlords their priority.

The Tenant MoveIn Team

Tenants need a mix of products and services. They want comprehensive insurance cover for their possessions, may want to protect their deposit and almost always want to secure great deals on utilities or broadband when they move. The Tenant MoveIn team will facilitate everything, from helping tenants improve their credit score to helping them secure their perfect property.

  • Tenants Contents Insurance
  • Tenants Liability Insurance
  • Utilities and Media via HOMESHIFT
  • RentalPassport™
  • Rent Recognition

The Landlord Protect Team

Although the focus is Landlords, this team still has the remit of making life easier by supporting every stage of the rental journey. The team will specialise in the insurance products that Landlords need, but also provide a range of support and financial services to support them.

  • Landlords Buildings and Contents Insurance
  • Landlords Emergency Cover
  • Rent and Legal Protection
  • Home Emergency Cover
  • Financial services, including mortgages

Yes, we’re splitting apart a great team, but we always do what’s best for our clients. The good news is that the two new teams will be absolutely at the top of their game, specialising in their field of expertise and delivering a tailored service for Landlords and Tenants.