This nightmare doesn’t stop when you wake up…

This nightmare doesn’t stop when you wake up…

Your new tenant is a dream.

They pay like clockwork.

You’re sleeping like a baby.

Suddenly, the rent stops arriving…

Your dream’s a nightmare come true.

You can’t cover the mortgage.

The legal costs are mounting.

Your savings are gone.

You’re stressed.

You can’t sleep.

…all because you didn’t protect your income.

You’re not alone.

A staggering 85% of landlords risk the 24/7 nightmare of the non-paying tenant.

The other 15% know it’s a risk with the potential to devastate their income, security and peace of mind. That’s why they take out insurance to protect 100% of their rental income and cover their legal costs.

They might still have the odd bad dream, but unlike the risk takers, they’ve still got a bright future.

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