This Is Big Brother..You Have Been Evicted


If only evictions were as easy and straightforward like the ones on Channel 4s Big Brother.

Although most evictions are due to rent arrears and none payment of rent, there is still a number of landlords who serve notices due to nuisance tenants.  Last year one landlord issued an eviction notice on 2 tenants at her 2- bedroom property, when by chance, she saw photographs on Facebook of a wild party.  Recognising her tenants and then realising the wrecked and party ravaged flat was hers she promptly began legal proceedings. Through the snaps, she was able to see the extent of abuse to her property, its fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

While tenants like these are usually the exception, it still causes frustration and anger.  Unfortunately, the Deposits Scheme can be time consuming with legal issues usually favoured on the tenant’s side, adding insult to injury for any landlord left in this position.  Unlike a section 8 notice, which is a 14 day notice seeking possession due to rent arrears, a section 21 notice is needed, which allows 2 months.  Sadly this can render a frustrated landlord prostrate.

Examples of destructful tenants are thankfully rare now due to increased tenant referencing employed by landlords, letting agents and legal companies.  The number of claims issued for tenant evictions in England and Wales has fallen within the first quarter of 2010 (28,436) compared to the same quarter in 2009 (30,817).

“The drop in the amount of eviction claims issued is a good indication that the PRS is holding steady,” said Sim Sekhom of Legal4Landlords. “There is currently a shift from homeowners to tenants and a marked increase in the number of tenancies in the sector, mainly due to the country’s economic situation suggesting that the sector is sustaining itself”.

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Madalena Penny