The Way Forward – RentalPassport™ +

It’s easier to succeed in property rental when you have good tenants, but finding those tenants isn’t a matter of luck. You can filter them with a simple pre-screening method. This method, RentalPassport™ + can reduce your agency’s waste by as much as 85%.

With RentalPassport™ +, a prospective tenant demonstrates up-front that they are responsible. Preliminary reference checks – including a credit check – are carried out before you get involved. No more wasting time on pointless viewings. The system even collates info about the tenant’s viewing availability, making your negotiator’s job easier than ever.

It works like this:  a unique link is embedded into the property’s listing on your website. It gives the tenant two options: a traditional reference or a much smarter option. If they chose RentalPassport™ + we step in and do what we do best. You only start investing your energy if the tenant is worth considering.

This is PropTech at its best. Dual branded reports and QR codes are part of the package. It’s multi-branch ready, easy to understand, a doddle to use and integrated in all the right ways. It can drive more traffic to your website, promoting your business and strengthening your brand.

Even better, it’s completely free to set up.

Let’s jump ahead.

We’ve pre-screened an applicant. They’ve viewed the property. It’s looking good all round. For you, the whole process has been faster. For the tenant, they’ve felt the benefit of being proactive. Now they’ll also have access to RentalCommunity and all its benefits – great deals designed especially for them.

And of course, if you earned a little extra commission from those deals, that’s another bonus.

With Covid-19 around, it makes more sense than ever to avoid pointless viewings. And, with business efficiency more critical than ever before, tech which streamlines your processes, enables faster letting and boosts your commission earnings is the way forward.

It’s called RentalPassport™ +.