Tenants Contents Insurance explained.

Tenants Contents Insurance
Tenants Contents Insurance explained.

As a tenant, you cannot be forced to take out insurance. It’s up to you to decide to purchase cover or take the risk, but you only need to consider contents or liability cover. Responsibility for insuring the building itself lies with the landlord.

The term ‘contents’ refers to anything that isn’t part of the building’s structure and includes things like carpeting, curtains, white goods and furnishings as well as personal possessions. It’s up to you to protect and insure them.

Our insurance policies have been specially designed to suit the needs of tenants. Not only are they superb value for money, but they’re also very easy to understand.If you’re moving house, or are busy buying the bits and bobs that make a place feel like home, we can arrange immediate cover to give you peace of mind. If you’ve had the keys for a while, it’s worth knowing that our policies can be taken out at any time during your tenancy.

If you don’t know where to start, watch our video as Hayley explains everything you need to know about Tenants Contents Insurance – and why you can’t afford to be without it.