Tenant’s Contents Insurance – covered in a few clicks

It’s easy to underestimate the value of the things you own. A purchase here and there, a birthday gift – over the years it soon adds up. It’s not until the worst happens, and you lose it, that you realise the cost of refilling your wardrobe, replacing your furniture or buying new sports gear.

If you’re in a rented property, it’s normal that insuring your possessions is your responsibility. You might think it would be expensive, but it isn’t: a small one-off payment will cover you for up to £5,000 of contents insurance. If you need more cover, that’s no problem – we’re LegalforLandlords and despite the ‘landlords’ part of our name, we offer contents insurance specially designed for tenants. Our policies are simple, affordable and can be tailored to add in extra cover for the things you treasure: your bike perhaps, your laptop or your new smartphone. You can even include cover for the times you’re away from home.

And, because we’re lovely people and know that contents insurance isn’t the most exciting thing on your mind, we’ve made getting cover really easy. You can now do everything online with a few clicks of a mouse and at every stage of the super-quick process you’ll see exactly how little your policy is going to cost.  What’s more, all our prices include Insurance Premium Tax so there are no nasty surprises waiting.

That laptop you’ve got – why don’t you put it to work and get yourself covered. And then get on with enjoying yourself!

To find out more about our Tenants Contents Insurance call us on 0344 567 4001 for a quick chat.