Simply the best

The UK culture values reserve and modesty. If you shout your achievements too loudly you soon get branded big-headed. Similarly, British consumers like to make their own judgements about the companies they buy from. They’d rather see a quirky ad that positions the brand than listen to a salesman tell them how brilliant the product is. All of which leaves us in a tricky position. We’re good, and like a certain Danish beer, probably the best at what we do, but if we tell you that, we’re committing the sin of blowing our own trumpet.

Our plan B is to tell you what those letting agents who’ve switched to using LegalforLandlords have given as their reasons for making the move.

  1. For every product, the commission they can earn with us is higher.
  2. We convert a higher proportion of their referrals.
  3. Our service is better.
  4. Our referencing is of higher quality.
  5. We’re innovative, with new products and smarter ways of working.
  6. We offer all 3 core services – Insurance, Referencing and Legal – in house.

We asked one of our new customers for specifics. They said their previous provider of referencing had to switch insurance provider as they were receiving far too many claims. Their referencing quality wasn’t high enough for the insurance risk profile.

We’re proud of our referencing and of the fact that we don’t accept anyone and everyone. In the end, that benefits nobody.  And we’re still evolving our referencing – when customers told us they needed longer validity, that’s what we arranged. Unlike the standard 30 days our competitors offer, all our reports are valid for 90 days. It’s brilliant referencing, but we’re still prepared to go the extra mile and offer it free of charge alongside our Rent Protection policies.

The new customer told us they liked our proactive response to the impending fees ban and our ideas that will help not only agents but tenants too. Later this year, we’re launching what will become the most trusted and reliable Nil Deposit scheme of its type. A few agents will soon be trialling our new Tenant Direct reference. And we’re already offering tenants – through a dedicated portal –  Income and Lifestyle Protection insurance. And we’ve not forgotten the needs of landlords – our Emergency Cover can now protect their own residence.

The truth is we do more and we do it better.  We’ll admit that we’re not the cheapest, but we believe we provide the best value for money with great systems, services and generous commissions.

It is possible we did start to boast about our services there. Apologies, but if you call us, we’ll be happy to prove our case.