Recover Rent Arrears

Legal 4 Landlords offer tenant trace services especially for landlords

UK Buy-To-Let landlords can trace tenants with bad debts

When bad tenants face eviction for excessive rent arrears, they often think they can move out without ever paying the landlord their due rent. This is not the case!

Many UK landlords may not be aware but they are still entitled to claim any rent arrears owed to them by evicted tenants for up to 6 years from the date the money was considered due.

Once the tenant has been evicted and the landlord has regained possession of the rental property, former or absconded tenants can be traced easily by professional companies, such as Legal4Landlords who offer tenant tracing services as well as a debt/rent recovery service.

If the landlord doesn’t have the new address for their bad tenant but they do know where they work, it is possible to apply for permission from a Court to serve court papers at their work address.

Once you have an address for service landlords can issue a claim in the Small Claims Court and obtain a County Court Judgment (CCJ) for the outstanding rent arrears.

If your ex-tenant is unwilling to pay the Judgment, it can be enforced, at added expense, by a County Court Bailiff, who can seize the tenant’s personal items and sell anything of value. Or the landlord can obtain an Attachment of Earnings Order through the Court, so that payments can be deducted from the ex tenants pay at source, even if they are claiming benefit.

In order to issue Court proceedings, claims for outstanding rent arrears may be made by landlords up to 6 years from the date that rent was first due, not the date the tenant left the property.

After obtaining a County Court Judgment (CCJ), the landlord will have up to 6 years to enforce it.

The Legal 4 Landlords’ debt recovery team will look at the landlord’s situation and offer free advice on the best and most cost effective route to recover the debt from the former tenant.

Legal 4 Landlords have learned from experience, in order to be successful, landlords have to act quickly and attention to detail is key. All court services are fixed fees so that landlords know exactly what they are paying for up front. All Legal 4 Landlords Debt Recovery costs can be added to the tenant’s debt and recovered in full.