Pet-friendly property rental

Pet-friendly property rental.

The benefits of owning a pet are numerous. It’s no wonder that so many people want to have a furry friend in their lives. Pets provide emotional support, reduce stress and can even lower blood pressure. They offer companionship, loyalty and a sense of security. With so many people feeling lonely or anxious, pets have become more important than ever before.

Figures show that, in 2023, over 50% of UK households own a pet, with cats and dogs topping the list for popularity. But there’s another statistic that’s important in this picture – more people are renting – and renting for longer. England alone has 4.7 million rented households. Naturally, there’s an increasing demand for pet-friendly rental properties.

Bans, fears and real opportunities

Blanket bans on pets are no longer in the Government’s Model Tenancy Agreement and the upcoming Renters Reform Bill will most likely give tenants a right to request a pet in the property – which unless unreasonable cannot be refused.

While the tide is moving in favour of tenants with pets, many landlords are still hesitant to allow pets in their properties. They’re worried about damage, noise or potential liability issues. But if they can put these worries aside – or ask for a higher deposit to cover any pet-related damage – they might see that there are benefits of renting to pet owners. With ownership rising, they can attract a larger pool of tenants, and even increase their rental income.

Tenants are willing to pay more for pet-friendly property rentals – up to £50 more per month according to a recent survey. And while there are no guarantees, tenants with pets often ensure they’re well-behaved and respectful of the property. They clean up after their pets, repair any damage caused, and ensure that their pets don’t cause a disturbance. Landlords looking to attract long-term responsible tenants should be considering allowing pets in their properties.

Planning for pets

Letting agents have a role to play here, actively promoting pet-friendly properties and connecting landlords and tenants. A little advice on how to make a property more suitable for a pet-owning tenant could help to secure a profitable long-term let. It’s not hard to make a property more pet friendly, especially if you can provide a secure outdoor space for pets to play in, such as a garden or balcony. Installing hard-wearing flooring, which is easy to clean – think laminate or vinyl – pays dividends whether or not your tenant has a pet.

Pet friendly is tenant friendly

While we always try to look at all sides of an argument, it’s possible we’re on the side of pet owners in this matter. At LFL, we understand the joy that pets can bring to people’s lives. Our office environment is pet-friendly – five different dogs pay us regular visits, settling down while their owners get to work. They’re great mascots for our team and have a dedicated area to sleep, eat and play. We adore them, and if you’re a dog-lover too, check out our social media channels to see what our canine companions get up to in the office!


We live and work with pets around us. It’s the norm for us and for countless animal lovers who are seeking a pet-friendly place to call home. Landlords shouldn’t see pets as a problem but as an opportunity. Tenants should ask about pet-friendly properties. Lettings agents should make good matches. Let’s all work together to ensure that all pets and their owners can find a home they love.

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  1. Daphne Haskins
    Daphne Haskins says:

    Hi and thanks for your very useful article. We are pet friendly landlords and have a property which is a leasehold flat, but we bought the freehold a few years ago. Our Management Company are saying we have to adhere to the conditions of the Lease, even though we are Freeholders now? The lease states that permission cannot be unreasonably withheld unless there are complaints from other tenants in the block. We had a bad smell from an overflowing drain, which was reported to the Management Team and they say it’s the dog when it def isn’t!


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