November 5th – Insurance Claims Rocket


Colin Campbell

Remember; remember the 5th of November, and also where you’ve put your insurance policies!

With 3.3 million households provided by the private rented sector, it’s a certainty that tenants up and down the country will be holding a party to celebrate Bonfire Night.  While they are busy selecting sparklers, rockets, fountains and Catherine wheels and gearing themselves up for the displays of colour that will be lighting up Britain’s skies on November the 5th, insurance companies are bracing themselves for one of the busiest times of the year as they count the hidden cost from one night of festivities.

Last year, one landlord (one of probably many) tried to claim for fire damage due to an irresponsible pair of tenants hosting a bonfire in the garden of the property, causing fire damage to a garden shed, a broken kitchen window, the neighbours conservatory and a very singed and ruined lawn, much to the dismay of the landlord who had only re-turfed the garden earlier that year.  National statistics also indicate an increase in malicious damage aimed at property in general.

Many landlords are now including clauses in their tenancies stipulating tenants responsibilities should they hold house parties of any nature. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reduce landlords premiums but it adds clarity to tenants in no uncertain terms of their obligation as responsible tenants.

For landlords, whether you have one or multiple properties, the 5th of November could prove to be very costly, with damage caused by tenants resulting in higher premiums.  Legal 4 Landlords offer professional advice and assistance to landlords and letting agents, ensuring thorough insurance cover for every eventuality.

Please remember the firework code and stay safe and as tempting as it may be, please refrain from any attempts to blow up parliament this year!