New RentalPassport™: cut risk and boost profits

Powered by LegalforLandlords, RentalPassport™ is a brand new product which offers significant advantages for you as letting agents, but also landlords and tenants too. RentalPassport™ is an effective alternative to traditional tenant referencing which encourages potential tenants to prove their trustworthiness upfront – even before viewings are arranged.

Valid for 90 days, RentalPassport™ is the applicant’s document, specific to them rather than the property. It’s easy to apply for online via links embedded in your website and all the usual referencing checks are included: affordability, credit history, employment details, previous landlord’s references. With the RentalPassport™ in place, you can be sure that an applicant is serious, responsible and worth your time and effort.

Offering RentalPassport™ to potential tenants is free to set up. You simply embed a unique link into each property listing on your website and the applicant requesting a viewing can choose either a traditional appointment or to create their RentalPassport™. If the latter option is chosen, our team ask for further details to complete preliminary reference checks. The system also collects details of viewing availability, all of which is passed to the agent’s negotiator.

A key benefit of the product is that it can speed the overall process of securing a new tenant and reduce void periods. Pointless viewings can be eliminated, and you can spend your time on following up worthwhile leads. Soon, you’ll even have the option to sync viewings to your own diary. Once a viewing has taken place and the potential tenant wants to proceed, time is saved again as preliminary referencing checks are already completed – and at the tenant’s expense.









RentalPassport™ can also help boost your agency’s income by driving more traffic to your website, helping to attract more landlords. Included in the package are features such as free access for tenants to RentalCommunity, an online hub where they can secure high street discounts and great deals deposit replacement schemes – on which you can earn generous commission payments.

Few products benefit all stakeholders in the property rental business, but RentalPassport™ meets this standard. Tenants enjoy being in control and the advantage RentalPassport™ confers in the property hunt. Landlords appreciate the reduction in void periods. And for you: time is saved, you’ll know which leads are worth your investment, and you’ll earn valuable income from related product sales.

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