New Landlord forum – coming soon.

Landlords: who’s on your wavelength?

There’s only one group of people who really understand what landlords have to manage: landlords themselves. And while every landlord is an individual, collectively landlords have an incredible bank of experience and a depth of knowledge about the business of property rental that shouldn’t be underestimated.

You are amazing, resilient, resourceful and inspiring entrepreneurs. You are planners, managers and team players, investors and hands-on, practical problem solvers. Every day you have to be a superhero, but often you’re on your own, facing challenges that would make mere mortals weep. That’s why we’re launching a new landlord forum.

The forum is where you’ll find fellow landlords for support, advice, ideas and healthy debate. It’s a networking zone, a resource and a place to be heard. And when you’ve had the day from hell, it’ll be a safe space to offload, because every so often, we all need somewhere to vent.

If you’re a landlord, talk to the people who get it. Join the forum.