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We’ve been talking to agents up and down the country at roadshows we’ve run and attended, and it’s clear that massive amounts of Landlord and Tenant data, held by agencies, is underutilised. There’s potential to promote your services and drive extra revenues. You could be informing and educating consumers about new legislation, updating them on stats and giving them valuable property info and insights. But in most cases, it’s just not happening. And in those few cases where communication is taking place, agencies are sending the same content to all the different types of landlords and tenants they work with.

So, agencies are facing challenging times but missing opportunities – scary, huh?

Now, when we say we believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, that’s not a throwaway comment. It’s the truth.  We’re always looking for ways to support our customers, bright ideas that will filter through to make your business more successful.  In return – remember that phrase ’mutually beneficial’? – we’d like you to mention our name as a partner on your website.

Here’s what we’re proposing:

We’ll help you by providing fresh content for you to utilise and send out to your databases. You can use this on your websites and link to it via your social media accounts. in addition to blogs, there will be images you can use free of charge without worrying about copyright or licence fees.  What we require is that you have a partners’ section or suppliers link on your website with a backlink to the LegalforLandlords homepage.

The benefits are clear. Topical content gains interest, gets you noticed, attracts visitors to your site and adds value to your customer experience. It helps attract more visitors to our website too. As we say, it’s an idea that’s mutually beneficial.

The downside? Well, we can’t think of one.

If you’d like to know more, just call us.

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