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The secret is Homeshift

It’s a smart bit of technology that takes away a lot of the hassle that comes with moving home. Homeshift is the simple way for tenants to sort their gas, electricity, internet, water and council tax. One platform does everything. Tenants love Homeshift. It’s free, easy to use, offers straightforward, competitive prices and stops the nonsense of multiple bills, multiple tariffs, multiple phone calls, multiple emails, letters, accounts and log-ins. It saves tenants time and money, and because Homeshift keeps working for tenants long after move-in day, it keeps on delivering a better way to manage the essentials.

Homeshift is about bills and service: The tech gets simplified billing sorted, but at the heart of Homeshift, there are real people. Homeshift advisors are dedicated to great customer service and love to talk to their clients. With a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, you can recommend Homeshift knowing it won’t disappoint.

Homeshift builds your reputation: Because Homeshift works so well, telling your customers about it is good for your business. By making moving less about the admin and more about the excitement, you’re adding another dimension to your customer service. Homeshift emails can carry your agency’s branding. Every month your tenant gets an update of their household spend alongside a visual reminder of your business. Next time they move, they’ll remember your name.

Homeshift boosts your business: You earn commission when your tenants sign up to Homeshift, and it doesn’t cost you or your tenant anything. And because Homeshift values all its customers, you’ll have a dedicated relationship manager to help you make the most of our great platform.

If you’re letting homes, you’ll find it’s better with Homeshift. 

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