Make Moving Simpler. Make relationships last.

The secret is Homeshift

We expect you’ve got a long list of things to sort out. You’re probably wondering if you can manage it all. Well, don’t panic because Homeshift can make things simpler.

Homeshift is a service that allows tenants to arrange the set-up and management of key household services in just a few minutes. Everything’s done online – including finding some of the best possible deals.
Imagine – your gas, electricity, council tax, water, broadband and media services all sorted, and all in one place.
One friendly supplier with a dedicated point of contact and the option of webchat. Doesn’t that sound better than waiting in all those different call queues, repeating your details time after time?

Homeshift makes Sense.
It helps to take the stress out of renting, lightens the load when you’re moving and saves you money along the way.

Homeshift is Simple.
We offer one tariff per service. There’s no confusion with different rates, extras and charges. You know exactly what you’re getting because it’s clear and simple.

Homeshift is Flexible.
We don’t tie customers into long-term deals. You can pick a month-on-month rolling contract and if you want to move on, that’s fine. Unlike some suppliers who have their customers locked in, our customers are loyal because of our great service.

Homeshift is Great Value.
For energy, we beat around 80% of the market. Our internet deals are excellent value too. Other organisations need to cover the extra expense of aggregators, but because we don’t have that burden, you get a great price which we can fix for the duration of your tenancy.

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