Make April 17 a red-letter day for your lettings agency

Check your diary. Is April 17th blocked off for a day at the ARLA 2018 Conference?  Excellent, we’ll see you there.

We’re excited about this year’s conference because we’ve got a lot to say. We’ve been working on initiatives designed to support lettings agencies and help them grow. We’re confident that we can make your job easier and boost your turnover. In fact, we think we could be your agency’s best friend.

But, of course, we’ll have to talk first and ARLA 2018 will be a great place to start the conversation. We’re LegalforLandlords and we’ll be on stand B11. Stop by and let’s talk.

If you can’t make ARLA, don’t miss your chance. Call us now on 0333 577 9050.

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