LegalforLandlords – mere mortals to the rescue

You don’t need exceptional powers to be a superhero. You just need to solve problems, deliver great service and save people money. That’s what we do.

You need insurance – we do insurance.

You need a reference – we’ll sort it.

You need legal services – no worries, we’ve got experts ready to help.

Running a lettings agency?

It can be challenging to satisfy both landlords and tenants, but we’re on-hand to make it easier.

  • RentalPassport™ – save admin and cut the waste of the pointless viewing
  • All the insurance cover you need, and all of it relevant to how you work
  • Know the industry and stay at the front of the pack with updates on property rental law
  • Managed Rent Protection – extra assurance for landlords and you’ll feel the benefit too

Letting your property?

You’ll want to protect your investment, your income and your peace of mind. We make that simple.

  • Tenant Referencing – quality checks which unearth the things that matter
  • SMART Referencing which minimises void periods to keep your income flowing
  • Rent Protection cover – your income’s secured even if your tenant’s struggling
  • Stay informed with updates on changing legislation
  • Regain possession – if the worst happens, our eviction team are ready to help

Renting a home?

When you’re looking for a new home there’s a lot to think about. That’s why we don’t complicate things.

  • Affordable insurance, tailored for tenants with easy-to-understand policies
  • RentalPassport™ the personal reference which helps open doors
  • Rent Recognition – track your payments to improve your credit rating
  • Get connected and get saving with outstanding deals on media and utilities

And there’s more …

LegalforLandlords was created because whether you rent, let or manage property, there’s always something that needs sorting. The above is just a taster of what we do. To learn more, give us a call.

When we’re not in superhero mode, you’ll find us very human.

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