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Although many industry sectors are feeling the pinch during the recession, it seems entrepreneurs are faring much better through franchises than their ‘start from scratch cousins’.

Data captured through the ‘Small Business Service’, recorded that only one third of new business start up in the UK will make it past the 3-year stage.  The Franchise Development Services ‘Franchise in the UK Survey’ reported that 75,000 business’s have been established and owe their success by the election of a proven direction by buying into a franchise.

While banks are now apprehensive and even reluctant to give business loans for a new start up venture, there is less restriction by lenders because of reduced risk when borrowing is needed for a franchise.

According to the Franchise Development Services statistics, 91.8% of UK franchise owners are reporting that they are breaking even or making a profit.

Legal 4 Landlords offer one of the most innovative and profitable franchise opportunities to be seen in this industry.  The franchised areas are exclusive and are rapidly selling throughout the UK.  Franchisees operating under the L4L banner are reporting an income in excess of  £60,000 in their first year.

Based in Warrington, Cheshire they offer range of services, which include:

L4L have also introduced a splendid scheme, which allows LHA payments to bypass the tenant and go direct to the landlord.

With the persistent growth of the private residential sector, Legal 4 Landlords are looking to open more branches around the UK.  With 10 regional offices opened already, their franchise consists of:

  • Full Training
  • Ongoing Support & Assistance
  • Exclusive Territory
  • State of the Art, Fully Automated Software, especially designed for L4L
  • Professional Marketing Material
  • Regular Legal & Training Updates

For more information contact Legal 4 Landlords on 0844 567 4001

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