It’s time to pay for Christmas. Advice for Landlords

Flashback to our 2017 webinar.

There’s a huge number of people whose determination to enjoy Christmas means they don’t think about the consequences. They’ll worry about the money ‘next year’ hardly thinking that next year is just a few short weeks away.

We’re there now – January 2020. Credit card bills are arriving and for some tenants, cash has run out. It’s no surprise that many landlords won’t see their rent payment when they should. Some may still be waiting to see the monies owed for December. So, what can you do? How can you ensure your income and lifestyle don’t suffer because of someone else’s crazy spending? Listen to our webinar and we’ll explain what to watch for and what you can do. We’ll also talk about the ways in which you can protect your rental income in future.
Don’t lose out. Get smart.