Introducing the Landlord’s & Agent’s best friends

It started as a conversation. One of our team had been doggedly helping a Landlord with a tricky issue and was told he’d been a real “friend” in sorting the problem. It struck us that all our Landlord services have this idea at their core.

We aim to be a Landlord’s and Agent’s best friend, but unfortunately for us, dogs have already snaffled the ‘best friend’ label. That’s why we’ve had to employ some canine pals to share the news about our Landlord & Agent focused services.

Although everyone has their favourite woofers, we’ve selected four amazing breeds as our ambassadors. Each has characteristic qualities which reflect the things we do. If you’d like a loyal friend by your side – or even a modest pack of them – keep an eye out.

There’s Kit. She’s a collie, a real smart cookie who knows how to take care of the things you value – just like our Insurance Team.

There’s Ted. He’s a terrier, and he demonstrates all the spirit and commitment of our Referencing Team, with a nose for trouble and lightning speed.

Stan, a St Bernard. He’s your rock in times of crisis. Totally dependable if you get in a hole, Stan will dig you out, and he’s flying the flag for our Legal Services Team.

Finally, meet our German Shepherd. She’s clever, adaptable, multitalented and loves to work. She’s a natural to represent our multi-faceted Rental Essentials range and we’ll be looking to the industry to give her a name in the next few weeks.

Just like our 5-star rated team, these dogs are loyal companions that every Landlord and Agent can make great friends with.

Watch out for them.