Has Choosing The Right Insurance Policy Been Too Much Hassle For UK Landlords?

PRS landlords tightening their belts?

Landlords shouldn't feel the pinch when it comes to insurance

It seems that with the ongoing economic turmoil gripping the majority of the western world, everyone is still tightening their belts in order to save precious pennies, including UK landlords.

Landlords feeling the financial pinch have tried to cut as many of their costs and overheads as they can, in order to remain in profit and would argue that they are trying to be cost effective in their approach to their business.

A very laudable approach, but when it comes to protecting their rental asset and making a saving, are landlords guilty of cutting corners instead of costs?

When choosing insurance the driving factors that are really vital such as the level of protection they can enjoy, are often being ignored in favour of the policy’s overall price.

Buy to let landlords with property in the UK should consider a number of details as well as the overall cost when seeking insurance to protect their rental property assets.

Analysis by research company Defaqto, who looked at 87 out of the abundance of insurance policies currently available to UK landlords, revealed that among the important points to be considered by landlords are factors such as:

• The length of time their landlords insurance policy will allow their rental property to remain unoccupied (void).
• Loss of rent
• Malicious damage by tenants?

Defaqto’s insight analyst for general insurance, Mike Powell, urged landlords to take note: “It is important for amateur landlords to consider specialist insurance for their property portfolio as there are a number of key risks that are specific to rental situations. In general, buy-to-let insurance provides cover over and above regular home insurance policies when it comes to rental situations, and it would be dangerous for someone to assume that their home insurance would provide adequate cover for their buy-to-let property.”

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