Green it or lump it

The future is green for landlords...

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne‘s dramatic plans are set to force landlords to become green, if they want to continue letting. The new regulations will force landlords to meet minimum energy efficiency standards.

In a few years it will be unlawful to let a house or business premise which has less than an “E” energy efficiency. It is estimated that 628,000 properties will have to be improved if they are going to make the grade.

So, landlords will have to watch their backs. As providers of EPCs, we’ll be busy at Legal 4 Landlords making sure that rental properties do not fall below an “E” rating.

There’s time yet though, the law won’t come into force until April 2018. It just makes sense for landlords to start making improvements gradually now rather than having to fork out and rush improvements nearer the time, or worse still, land themselves in trouble.

Landlords mustn’t forget help is at hand too. As from next year, landlords will be able to access finance to pay for the upfront cost of work which will be paid back through savings on lower fuel bills.
It doesn’t end there either. There are more changes coming in 2016 that landlords need to be aware of. Landlords won’t be able to refuse reasonable requests to improve their property, from tenants and also local authorities acting on behalf of tenants.

It remains to be seen what exactly will constitute a ‘reasonable request’ but it is likely to involve a fair bit of common sense. Landlords won’t be footing the bill for conservatories and Jacuzzis ….

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