Eviction Research Makes Gloomy Reading

UK tenants in rent arrears face eviction

Some Areas of the UK are Eviction Hotspots

New research from Shelter highlights the areas of the UK where people are most at risk of losing their homes.

111 households is at risk of eviction by either a landlord or mortgage lender, with those living in London most at risk, followed by the residents of Manchester, Slough and Peterborough.

Shelter’s study also reveals clusters of high risk in the North West and the Midlands: Nottingham, Newcastle and Knowsley all have eviction risk rates more than one and a half times the national average.

While urban areas are more likely to have higher rates of eviction risk, rural areas such as West Lancashire and Bedford are also affected, with levels higher than the national average.

Places with high levels of unemployment were also the most significantly affected by the problem and every two minutes, a person in England faces eviction from their rental property due to rent arrears or homeowners face repossession of their homes.

Chief Executive Campbell Robb said ” Shelter research shows that a third of people are already struggling with their housing costs or falling behind on payments. In these unforgiving conditions, it only takes one thing – illness, job loss or relationship breakdown to lead to things spiralling out of control and into homelessness.”

Rent guarantee insurance and comprehensive tenant referencing are useful avenues for UK landlords to explore in order for them to protect their rental property assets.