Enjoy your break… thieves aren’t getting one

Enjoy your break… thieves aren’t getting one

We all deserve a holiday, but while you’re taking a break, thieves could be working very hard to steal your property.

It’s that season. All over the country, properties stand empty. It’s not just opportunistic crime that spikes, it’s planned, targeted and ruthless.

While to some extent it’s a risk you have to take to get away, you don’t have to be entirely unprotected. Insurance cover for your buildings and/or your contents costs less than you might think. It’s quick and simple to arrange and can be effective right away.

It’s a little bit of reassurance to help you relax.

So, enjoy the break without worrying about a break-in.  Put that suitcase to one side for five minutes and get buildings and contents insurance here (then get back to your packing).

Have a good trip. You deserve it.