Employee recognition awards

Last Friday saw the annual LegalforLandlords recognition awards take place in Warrington. The awards are to recognise the hard work the LegalforLandlords team do throughout the year with categories such as Best newcomer, Employee of the year and the prestigious Sim Sekhon award.

The awards are also a chance to blow off some steam and reward the more ‘Intriguing’ character traits our staff boast such as the No Filter Award and the Naturist award to name a few.

The full list of Award winners (or losers depending on your point of view) are below with pictures of the evening.

The winners of the awards were:

• Customer Service Award – Hayley Savage
• Best Newcomer Award – Nathan Heaton
• Most Dedicated Award – Gemma Fox
• Employee of the Year Award – Rebecca Perry
• MVE (Most Valued Employee) Award – Joanne Mckeown
• The Sim Sekhon Award – Frankie Harrison

The SL team award winners were:

• The Naturist Award – Lynn Eaton and Sarah Hart
• Mr Shine Award – Andrew Mcfarlane
• The Motivational Award – Sim Sekhon
• The Ronald Mcdonald Award – Nathan Heaton
• Lady Laminator Award – Hayley Savage
• The No Filter Award – Frankie Harrison
• The Secret Raver Award – Hannah Murphy