Defaulting tenants? It’s time to get your skates on.


We’re rapidly heading towards that time of year when everything stops working for the Christmas and New Year break. Although it’s not widely known or publicised, the courts generally operate an amnesty on evictions over the festive period. The exact dates vary, but can be as much as a fortnight either side of Christmas Day.

There are sound reasons behind the move: with offices, local authorities and solicitors shutting up shop, holidays and a snarled-up postal system it’s not a good time to get anything sorted. That’s why we’re sending a quick reminder now. Standard possession orders take 14 days, but over the Christmas period this could stretch to 28 or even the maximum of 56 days. That’s too long for a property to be tied up and not earning.

If you’ve got problems, get the paperwork together and get it to us just as soon as possible.

We’ll get cracking on the case straight away. If you need to call us, we’re on 0333 577 9050.