Debt And Rent Recovery From Absconded Tenants


Debt And Rent Recovery From Absconded Tenants

Debt And Rent Recovery From Absconded Tenants

Many UK landlords admit that they fear tenants leaving in the middle of a tenancy, especially if the tenants are behind with the rent.

Tracking down absconding or missing tenants can be a thankless, if not near-impossible task, and the process of extracting any owed rent from them is even harder. However, specialist landlord services provider, Legal 4 Landlords are among the UK’s best at debt and rent recovery from absconded tenants.

The national press usually print only the most awful stories about tenants who were there one day and gone the next because the turgid headlines helps to sell newspapers, they do not offer rent recovery services, but Legal 4 Landlords do!

Knowing how to deal with rent recovery or getting debts paid by missing tenants is not a landlord’s main priority, but there are a number of ways for landlords to get the procedure started.

Tenants sometimes disappear to get away from the amount of rent that they owe to their landlords, but more often than not they disappear for a variety of other reasons that they have not made anyone but close family privy to.

In such cases the tenant will usually get in touch with the landlord eventually, but they tend to do so only if they need something that may have been left behind.

Landlords can attempt to contact the missing tenants via their mobile phone in the first instance, if the tenant fails to answer, leave them a polite message requesting them to make contact.

Landlords could also try dropping the tenant an email or even writing them a letter, addressed to the home of their known next of kin, again being polite and requesting that they get in touch at their earliest convenience.

If landlords become aware that the tenant has left the rental property in the middle of a tenancy, then the landlord should inform the rent guarantee insurance provider immediately and get claim proceedings started.

Once the landlord has confirmed that the tenants have left then they should notify their appointed lettings or property management agent and get the rental property advertised as available for rent again.

Tenants do come and go as they please and often do not stop to consider how their actions impact on others, especially their landlords.

If the tenant owed rent when they left the rental property without due cause, then the landlord should demonstrate that they are serious about recovering the debt and contact the Legal 4 Landlords helpline straight away.

Legal 4 Landlords have an in-house streamlined system meaning they can act quickly in recovering the debt for the landlord.

The Legal 4 Landlords’ debt recovery team look at individual situations and provide free advice on the best and most cost effective route to recover the debt.

All Legal 4 Landlords court services are fixed fees so that landlords know exactly what they are paying for up front.

Legal 4 Landlords have learned from experience, in order to be successful you have to act quickly and attention to detail is key, that is why they are the market leaders in the UK for a number of specialist products and services designed to aid landlords and the lettings industry.

All debt recovery costs can be added to the tenant’s debt and recovered in full.

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