Complete Plus could save you a fortune. It’s just common sense.

A headline-grabbing bargain isn’t a bargain if, in the long run, it costs us. It’s called false economy and it doesn’t just apply when you’re buying goods.
It applies when you’re looking after landlords.

Think about tenant referencing. The few quid you might save on a ‘bargain’ reference is going to look worthless if a pre-existing problem comes to light after the tenancy has begun.
We’re not the cheapest, but we’re thorough. Our references poke into more corners than most, so we discover the problems others may miss …

Don’t be daft. Be sensible.

We can’t predict the future, but we can all plan for uncertainty, and our Complete Plus deal is a very smart plan indeed. For a little extra, the Complete Plus provides 12 months’ cover for legal expenses, including eviction notices, regaining possession of the property, court and bailiff fees.

We will even throw in the Complete Reference and an extra 6-months’ cover for FREE!

If a tenant has money, it doesn’t mean you’ll get your share of it.

Some landlords, reassured by a guarantor, an upfront sum or savings and investments, may decide they don’t need rent protection cover, but what if the tenant stops paying?

Think about this:

It could take up to six months to get the property back. Eviction costs can exceed £1,800.

Nasty, huh?

Here’s a question: can you afford to let your landlord lose out on all that rent and then expect them to pay the legal expenses?

To us, that sounds like a sure-fire way to lose landlords. When you lose landlords, you lose traction in a very competitive market.

Complete Plus could save you a fortune. It’s just common sense.