Cameron's Plan to Refer Wealthier Tenants


The Prime Minister’s recent plan this week to limit the leases of council tenants has infuriated LibDems.

Under David Cameron’s proposals, council tenants would be made to relinquish council homes if a change in their economic status proved they could afford to live in the private rented sector and their homes would be given to tenants who’s needs were greater.  Tenants who’s family situation altered and saw them living in houses that were larger than their needs required would also come under the same policy.

Currently council tenants have a right to their tenancies for life, but under the Prime Minister’s plans these tenancies could be replaced with five or ten year contracts.  It’s no surprise that the government are looking for creative housing reform with the present economic situation and the lack of housing stock available.

It is estimated that social housing accommodates 8 million people in England, with the private rented sector supporting a further 3.3 million households and a 4.5 million waiting list for social housing.

Steve Moss, spokesman for landlord services, Legal 4 Landlords said “There is a severe lack of housing stock available to tenants, while new builds have stagnated.  Lending restrictions have sorely limited both consumer and btl mortgages adding more pressure to the social and private rented sector.  We are at the stage where tenants are outstripping any available housing and frustrated landlords are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain lending to increase their portfolio.”

Madalena Penny