Buy To Let Stronger Than Ever!

Buy To Let Is Still a Sound Investment

Buy To Let Is Still Increasing in Popularity

With sales of UK residential property stuttering again, the UK Buy To Let market is the strongest it has ever been!

A recent report highlighted that the Private Rented Sector (PRS) has risen by 1.4 Million additional rental properties since 2001.
The PRS properties currently accounts for about 3.4 Million rental properties in the UK and this is set to rise steadily as more property investors seek suitable Buy To Let Properties.

There is still a national shortage of properties to rent out. Many letting agents are reporting more tenant applications than available rental properties, and landlords are able to select the best tenants by means of comprehensive tenant referencing.

With the Buy To Let sector experiencing the lowest number of rental voids on record and the highest rents to date, the private rented sector is still a stable and secure investment.

However, UK Landlords are being encouraged by homeless charities to set realistically achievable rents to enjoy a continued income stream with no voids or arrears.

With a growing number of financial factors affecting the average UK household it may not be too long before private rented sector landlords who have not got a Rent Guarantee product, feel the impact through their tenants feeling the pinch of the global recession, leading to spiralling arrears and an increased number of tenant evictions.

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