Are your properties energy efficient?

RECENT news hit the headlines that more than one in three landlords do not know how energy efficient their rental properties are.
The news shows there is still a lack of awareness that all properties need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

If, as a landlord, you don’t provide a new tenant with an Energy Performance Certificate, you could get a harsh fine and may also be stopped from marketing your property to prospective tenants – this in turn could lead to properties being empty and a loss of rent.

We all know the price of oil and gas has risen and tenants are now more aware than ever about the cost of running a property. If the EPC shows that your property is cost effective, you’ll be more likely to let out a property and have happy tenants who stay for longer.

Also, with the recent large increases in gas and oil prices, tenants will be very aware of the cost of running a property, so landlords are more likely to let out their property (and perhaps obtain a higher rent!) if the Energy Performance Certificate shows that the property is cost effective.

Many of the properties that do have an EPC, are in the lowest band of energy efficiency (bands F & G). All landlords must realize that from 2018 the Government’s Green Deal will ban this type of property.

Ian Potter of The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) said: the “clock is ticking for the private rental sector to improve its performance environmentally.”

If you don’t have Energy Performance Certificates for your properties, get one arranged as soon as you can, it doesn’t take long and will keep you on the right side of the law. It’s one of our busiest landlord services. Before you let any of your properties out you must got a certificate for the property as well as a gas safety certificate. You should get these as well as your landlord’s insurance policy to cover you should anything happen to the property.
Small improvements to your properties can make all the difference and push you up the band rating. Give us a call to arrange.