Are you part of the Rent Protection statistic?

At LegalforLandlords we don’t just consider rent protection insurance as an optional extra. We consider it an essential.

Why? Because we’ve seen the devastation caused when rental income isn’t on track or dries up altogether.

We’ve helped people through the legal process of regaining control of their property, but without insurance, once that income’s gone, it’s gone. Only a tiny proportion of rent arrears are made good once a tenant has been evicted.

Let’s put some real life figures on this.

Average rent across the UK is £900.

Average tenancy duration is 30 months.

That’s a total rental income of £27,000.

Why would you risk that five figure rental income for a relatively small sum?

If you’ve been avoiding thinking about what would happen if your tenant stopped paying, we urge you to take five and give it some thought.

And remember, the reassurance of simple, affordable Rent and Legal Protection is only a phone call away – 0344 567 4001.