Are you a landlord forced to evict tenants?

Is it time to go for your tenants?

A rising number of landlords are having to evict their tenants and for many of them, the reason is that tenants are falling behind on their rent.

New research from the Money Advice Trust shows the number of people calling about rent arrears has risen by 84 per cent in recent years.

A spokesman for the Money Advice Trust, said: “Many first time buyers cannot get a mortgage so demand for rented property have risen. But with landlords pushing up rents this has left some people struggling to meet bills, particularly as this has coincided with a rise in inflation, particularly of food and fuel costs.”

Rents are continuing to rise, and for many tenants, the rent is the first thing not to be paid.

Legal 4 Landlords says landlords should never be tempted to deal with tenants who fall behind on payments themselves as it could land them in serious trouble. There are lots of steps that can be taken before tenant evictions are necessary. Always get a professional in and let them deal with everything on your behalf, to the letter of the law. It may be the case that a professional debt collection service could nip issues with bad tenants in the bud and then an eviction is not necessary.

If an eviction is necessary, however, it’s vital that all paperwork is in order; you’d be surprised at the number of cases that are thrown out because the correct procedures have not been followed. If you have tenants in arrears and need any advice, get in touch with Legal 4 Landlords.