Landlords Who Operate Outside The Law On Tenant Evictions Will Be Prosecuted

Another Landlord Convicted For Unlawful Tenant Eviction

Landlords Who Operate Outside The Law On Tenant Evictions Will Be Prosecuted

Landlords Who Operate Outside The Law On Tenant Evictions Will Be Prosecuted

Landlords Who Operate Outside The Law On
Tenant Evictions Will Be Prosecuted

There are reports in the press about private rental sector (PRS) landlords failing to follow the correct tenant eviction procedures when trying to get problem tenants out of their properties and many are ending up on the wrong side of the law.

There are times when frustration appears to replace common sense, especially when it comes to people wanting to protect their vital income streams, such as the rent from tenants in a rental property, however, there is a host of legislation governing the correct tenant eviction procedures that must be followed in order to take possession of property.PRS landlords should always seek to enlist the help of tenant eviction specialists for a successful resolution, as the slightest error can determine the success or failure of the possession court hearing, with cases often refused due to errors in the required documentation.

The latest incident involved an Oxford landlord who has been convicted of unlawfully evicting a tenant following a campaign of sustained harassment.

Rogue landlord, Riasat Ali, of Howard Street, Oxford, was alleged to have carried out a campaign of sustained harassment against his tenant between April and June 2014, repeatedly demanding that the tenant leave the rental property by threatening violence in a series of phone calls and abusive text messages before changing the locks and making the tenant homeless.

Ali denied illegally evicting his tenant and harassment, but Oxford magistrates found him guilty and ordered him to pay £180 (GBP) for unlawfully evicting the tenant, £300 (GBP) for the campaign of harassment against his tenant and £1,000 (GBP) in costs to be paid to Oxford City Council.

Councillor Mike Rowley, board member for housing and property services, said: “I would have liked to have seen a stiffer penalty as we need to send a clear message to rogue landlords that they cannot just take the law into their own hands. Mr Ali now has a criminal conviction on his record and that is right. There is a clear legal process for landlords who want to evict their tenants and the courts have rightly taken enforcement action against those who illegally remove tenants from their homes.”

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