A landlord’s worst nightmare comes true

Landlord left with rent arrears, floors carpeted in dog faeces, towers of waste – and a cannabis farm

LegalforLandlords has revealed revolting images of a home caked in dog faeces, with towering piles of empty dog food packets after the animal was left alone in the property for days.

The two-bedroom home in St Helens had been home to a single male for several years, but mounting rent arrears started a slippery slope, and illegal goings-on behind closed doors were exposed.

LegalforLandlords were called in by the letting agent when rent arrears hit two months, with a court application made and a hearing subsequently set.

However, while awaiting the court hearing, events went from bad to worse. Several visits to the property by the police ended with an abandoned dog and a cannabis farm in the loft.

On one of the latter visits from the police, it transpired that a dog had been left alone in the property for some time, with excrement carpeting the floor throughout the property, including the kitchen, along with towers of empty dog food packets and waste and grime throughout.

The vomit-inducing smell inside the property left the managing agent and the LegalforLandlords team struggling to breathe.

Unfortunately for the landlord, things went from bad to worse with a more thorough investigation – the entire property was stripped of its furniture – and light fittings – all the kitchen appliances were gone and the remnants of a cannabis growing operation had been left in the loft, complete with water hoses and grow bags.

The landlord was left with rent arrears of almost ÂŁ2,000.00, plus significant expense to clean the property. All floorcoverings had to be replaced, along with stolen furniture and appliances.

Sim Sekhon, Managing Director at LegalforLandlords, said: “This is yet another case where the landlord was left poorer in both time and money as a result of a problem tenant. While we’re pleased to have been able to assist in regaining control of the property, we’re keen to illustrate the need to protect landlords’ interests in tackling rogue tenants and holding them to account – this case might be shocking, but it unfortunately isn’t as rare as you might think.

“We need robust measures to support landlords to regain control of their properties, with speedy legal recourse via the courts – in some areas landlords are forced to wait months for a hearing, while issues worsen and the bill to rectify damage edges higher and higher. It’s a hugely stressful situation to be in. Had Section 21 been abolished, in the absence of rent arrears it’d be more difficult still to help landlords in situations like this, which just can’t be right.”

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