A Golden Opportunity in the PRS

With 16 regional offices established across the UK in the last 2 years, legal services, ‘Legal 4 Landlords’ have just been made an Associate Member by the British Franchise Foundation (BFA).

As the fastest growing network, the expanding organisation offers support and legal services to the private rented sector, covering; evictions; tenant referencing; deposit schemes; rent & debt recovery; tenant tracing; insurances and rent guarantee schemes.  With tenant demand at an all time high due to constrained mortgage lending, stagnated new builds and lengthy social sector waiting lists, the private rented sector is now worth an estimated £500bn in the UK.

Responding to the shift in housing, with home ownership now being outstripped by the trending of tenant demand, Legal 4 Landlords have built their network when the sector was at ground level and have steered their organisation around industry data and forecasts, assisting landlords and letting agents while directing industry standards and creating a new breed of service.

A survey by the Franchise Development Service reported that 75,000 business’ had been established and owe their success through the purchase of a franchise, while only one third of traditional new business start ups in the UK make it past the 3 –year stage.

Nearly all banks are now reluctant to validate business loans for traditional start up ventures, but lenders apply far less restriction on borrowing for franchise purposes, as there is less reduced risk involved.  Statistics show that 91.8% of UK franchise owners have reported they are breaking even or making a profit.

For more information on the opportunities available in this sector contact: 0800 840 7133 or visit: http://legal4landlordsfranchise.com/