Unlicensed landlords hit with bill

It has just been reported that a husband and wife who let five flats in Salford without a license have been hit with a bill for £5,800. Warnings that they did not have the correct paperwork were ignored by owners Peter and Frances Kavanagh. They were fined £525 per property and ordered to pay costs.

In another recent case Martin Horsfall, of Leeds, was ordered to pay £20,817.62 at Leeds Magistrates court, with £14,000 for failing to licence four of his properties and for failing to provide documentation. He was also ordered to repay costs to Leeds City Council of £6,802.

In May 2009 the Secretary of State granted the council permission to introduce selective licensing under the Housing Act 2004. As a result of this, any person, owner or landlord who has a property which is being let/rented out within the selective licensing area must apply for a licence.

The cost of the five-year licence is normally £525.

Landlords that are in any doubt about whether they need a license for a property should contact Legal 4 Landlords who will be able to advise. Far better to find out first and avoid hefty fines.